HogEye Trap Monitoring System

Wildlife Dominion Management (WDM) produces the most technologically advanced wild hog trap monitoring system on the market providing land managers to make real-time ecologically based trapping decisions. The HogEye Trap Monitoring System (HogEye) is an industrial grade solar powered camera system with live HD video quality designed for the monitoring, control and removal of your wild hog population.

Wildlife Dominion Management was formed in 2015 to revolutionize the way traditional game cameras were used.  WDM took a long look at the current game camera market and recognized a need for cameras that could produce real time videos in practical outdoor applications.  This additional information not only allows for better wildlife management decisions, but better ecologically sound landscape level decisions as well.

OUR APPROACH:  Research shows that large scale (traps of 30’ plus diameter) trapping to catch entire sounders (wild hog family group) is the most effective way to control populations of wild hogs. WDM developed the Hogeye Camera to work integrally with these traps. Our camera with its wide angle lens, optical and digital zoom, and external IR light allows managers to monitor the interior and exterior of even the largest traps. This feature is crucial in identifying the size of the entire sounder and ensures you know how many individuals are within the trap. This prevents educating the hog population about the trap making it extremely difficult to catch them at a later date.  Research has shown that educated sows and boars will avoid traps for 30 days or longer, even with the presence of bait after they have witnessed other pigs caught within the trap.

Hogeye Cameras continuously monitors the trap and through the integrated gate detection software, greatly reduces the number of false notifications over standard motion detection available on most cameras.    You can easily log on to the camera and have a live view of your trap and surrounding areas. Because we deliver you video in real time, you know for sure what is within your trap. If you desire to catch what is within the trap you can trigger your gate with the click of a button. This eliminates the time lag and delay in receiving text message pictures from standard game cameras, then the need to call or text back to drop your gate.  In addition, the HogEye system can integrate with additional external electronic devices such as feeders and external lighting systems.

HOW IT WORKS: Hogeye Camera Systems are complete stand alone systems capable of sustaining itself indefinitely. We use commercial grade high definition (HD) cameras, integrated with industrial grade routers and 4G/LTE modems attached to high gain antennas. Powered by industrial grade solar technology and you have a system capable of maintaining power even with extreme use throughout the year. Extended cloudy and rainy periods may affect the systems ability to maintain full power for limited times.  However, once the sun is returns the system will power up without the need to revisit the unit. The unit also stores the data in an onboard SD card and will keep the recordings for 7-10 days depending on settings and activity.      


If you are interested in purchasing a HogEye Trap Camera please contact us by either filling out the form below or contact Jack Robertson directly at or (662) 630-0538.

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